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Jan 16, 2011 7:30am EST
. for most, the road to ces takes years. but for one oklahoma tech company, it took just months. how? one part inspiration, one part sheer force of will. the people behind the zom took their idea for locating a lost cell phone and turned it into a ces success story like no other. >>> one year ago, laurie pennic, mother of three, and an entrepreneur with what she knew was a great idea was packing her bags to go to the consumer electronics show, or ces for the very first time. >> i love technology and love gadgets, so i would watch it every year and think, that would be so incredible to get to go to ces. just a few months before, laurie had an oprah-induced epiphany while she was on the treadmill. >> one of my girlfriends called me and said her husband had lost another iphone. and i started thinking, there's got to be a way -- >> with help from her husband, laurie's aha moment moved from inspiration to business. >> everybody said, do you know how large the market is for something like this? this is a global business you're talking about. and so when i got over that shock, we started to conc
Jan 6, 2011 9:00am EST
't plolitics with raising thdebte ceing. >> all right. we'll have more of this. we'll pause it there and get a little more personal with you, robert, in a minute. we'll have more of our exclusive interview, with outgoing white house press secretary robert gibbs. what advice does he have for his successor? >>> but this is first for you. this is no hypothetical. we would never judge, but you have given us some of the most robust washington speak. let's take a listen. >> i don't want to prejudge. i don't want to prejudge. it's not as robust and the job growth isn't as robust. >> these reported cables. i just didn't want to get into the hypothetical. >> it's hypothetical day here at the white house. >> go ahead, robert. >> come on. >> try to use all four in a sentence. >> i will say, there is nothing hypothetical about the robustness of the ties i have in those clips. those are great. >> well, if you have some washington speak you would like us to clarify, send us an e-mail or robert speak. robert gibbs when we return. protect your family... and launch your dreams. at leg
Jan 21, 2011 6:30pm PST
en el estudio y para ser precisamente me encuentro aún a las afueras del ce rezo de quintana roo dónde está kalimba y bueno puedo decirles en este momento que el día de hoy a que está viviendo kalimba. >> tengo otra pregunta para ti. >> están haciendo presencia para él. >> y tengo curioso dado y es saber que las primeras 24 horas que ha pasado kalimba en el ce regulares quiero saber en dónde ha estado si ha tenido privilegio se ha compartido celda c algún otro recluso en qué parte ha conversado con los abogados de que te has enterado a ese respecto?. >> evidentemente esta situación es como algo que nos llama la atención, si está en otra parte no está como kalimba no está procesado ni juzgado no tiene contacto con los reclusos, normalmente dentro del reclusorio si está en otra parte, peron por ahí sims que está en un cuarto aparte solo a un costado de la cocina con clima con esto del calor, y es un poco extra oficial. >> pero buenoalimba recibe buen trato. >> clima que es aire condicionado?. >> así es raúl. >>> perfecto. >> y bueno con estos datos interesantes q
Jan 7, 2011 4:30am PST
and all of the advancements lead to better performance and more capabilities and lower prices. >> no ces would be complete without celebrities. we talked to rapper 50 cent about his new line of sleek audio head phones. >> you see the public be more conscious about how to listen to music. i see the guy right there with the camera has these head phones on. that means he wants to hear it the best possible way. that was prior to this project. >> scott budman, today in the east bay. >> we're have been talking about fog on 880. one of the photographers is out there getting video. it looks bad out there. >> we have dense fog in the valleys of the east bay, but the great news, it's not as foggy as it has been. you wish you were in las vegas. things are looking good. we have better visibility in the east bay, but if you are headed to the north bay, you will encounter dense fog. not as cold as it was, we don't have to worry about the freezing fog. 39 degrees in concord right now and 36 in livermore. hayward checking in with 38 degrees and 40 in san jose. courtesy of a system of low pressure. sitti
Jan 23, 2011 6:00pm EST
just at. library officials say the have been trying to bait it using ce and pigeons buto far the hawk has not bitten and seems to be an upside, though, the hawk is attracting new visitors to the lrary of congress. no one is sure how he made his way inside and officials wen t catch it a release it back to the wild. >>> urns tur up on the auction block. who had the right to sl them in the first place? >>> a lot ouncertainty, he'll tell us all about that on the >>> part of a national treasure on the auction block, that depends on whom you ask. a controversy isow brewing over marble sculptures that were ce part of arlinon national cemetery. soon be up for public auction. the fates of the pieces aren't writn in stone. here's derek ward. >> reporter: there are dozens of items in t latest lot tha will be up for auction at the potomac company in alexandria an ekleptic mix. these marble urns pecktured here because they're too heavy to move where they were part of the stock. part of the assembly is here, though. they used to adorn the amp theater to the tomb o the unknown. >> o purchaser purcha
Jan 15, 2011 6:00am EST
marks a full week since the tragedy and the hope seems to ce more quickly. friends and family holding on a bit tighter and a bit lger as they search for some kind of comfort here. only four vtims remain at university medical center, congresswoma gabrielle giffords ill in critical condition but doctors y making incredible prress. >> you couldn't have hoped for any better improvent that we're seeing now. >> reporter: two of giffords staff members are out of the hospital now. n barber spent time with stranger to helped save his life. and pam stopped by the congressional office les than a week after being hit with two bullets. the reunions bring a muc needed smile. there are still friends to say ide too. the funeral for federal judge john roll so many mourners, 1700 the church couldt hold them all. re victims wille buried thi weekend. as the search for answers continues invtigators say the man responsible. jared loughner posted a nen thenternet that said good-bye friends. while it was friends who gaered at the scene of the tragedy yesterday, determined to find a w to move on. jay gray, nb
Jan 17, 2011 8:00am EST
? >> guest: well, first, peter, thanks for having me. coming back from the international ces which really marks the beginning of the innovation or technology year for the world it just gives you cause for optimism because, look, at that show we had 2700 different companies introducing some 20,000 new products in about 1.6 million feet of exhibit space. with all those products out there, there's a huge, huge array of great things. i mean, ford used the opportunity, the ceo, to give a speech and introduce the ford's first-ever electric car, and it only requires a three-hour charge which is a major breakthrough. that you don't think of as consumer electronics, but yet increasingly cars are consumer electronics products. the way we look at it there's three screens. the big television screen we saw a lot there with 3d and connection to the internet, the little screen which is a smart smartphone, and there are so many p developments there, but a lot of action was with that middle screen. it started out as the e-book, went to the ipad and now it's called the tablet category. 80 new tablets were
Jan 17, 2011 8:00pm EST
on display in vegas? barracks thanks for having me. coming back from the international ces that marks the beginning of the technological era for the world it just gives you cause for optimism because look, i thought we had 27 different companies introducing some 20,000 new products in about 1.6 million square feet of exhibit space and with all those products out there there is a huge, huge array of great things. i mean, ford used the opportunity, the ceo, to give a speech to introduce the first every electric car and it only requires a three hour charge which is a major breakthrough. that you don't think is consumer electronics but yet increasingly cars are consumer electronics. the we look at this three screens, the television screen we saw a lot if three d and connection to the internet. the little screen which is the smart phone and the sony development but a lot of action is in the metal screen. it started as the ebook, went to the ipad and now is called a tablet category. atv tablets were introduced at ces. >> how quickly to the products introduced ces get introduced in the marke
Jan 9, 2011 4:00pm PST
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Jan 4, 2011 1:00pm EST
electronics shows in the world called ces, the consumer electronics show. it's scheduled to begin tomorrow and it's a "big i" if i've ever seen seen one. here for a preview of the event digital lifestyle expert mario armstrong. he's just landed in vegas where ces is taking place and joins us live from skype from the exhibit floor. mario, i have to extract you from your geek dom for a second because i know you probably can't contain yourself. this is the best thing ever. >> reporter: no. this is the best thing ever. this is like the world cup. it's not even the super bowl of tech. it's really a world cup of tech. we're talking 110 different countries show up to this event. over 126,000 people show up to this event. and it's technology gadgets, devices, services and innovation that fill -- get this -- over 30 football fields full of technology. >> i wish i were there with you. i love it. but here's the thing. for my viewers who are not tech geeks like you and me, they say why do i care? you care because this is the cutting edge. what you are buying in stores this year or the next year will b
Jan 8, 2011 7:00am PST
generation roomba, robots, they are hoping the updated models will clean up with critics at ces in las vegas. the scuba is primarily for tiles and hard-wood floors while the roomba does carpets. >> it uses responsive cleaning technology which leverages the number of censures it has and software to understand what's happening in the room around it and respond with dozens of different behaviors. >> rob says he has one. not new technology but improved technology i'll take t the robot vacuums will be available soon, just in time for spring cleaning. the roombas, $350. the scubas, $300. those are just a few of the new fun bad jets from the consumer electronics show in las vegas. coming up later, a computer that doubles as a beer keg. >> scott budman is checking out all the latest high-tech gadgets. innovators are designing products we can use every day. suzanna lee is one of them. she is in our newsroom. good morning. >> good morning. >> you created a solution to a problem many of us have. we want our kids to wash their hands and keep them clean. you take them out, whether you are at the supermar
Jan 7, 2011 2:00pm EST
there, stagnant. there's optimism, especially here at ces. they are seeing over 120,000 participants at this particular show. there was a downside in 2007 when the number was over that. there's an up tick in the number of people participating. joining me now is the chairman of the latin chamber of commerce in las vegas. i have to tell people, you were getting your mic on and you have been sitting here for awhile. this is the joy of a live event. 14.3% unemployment rate in las vegas. when you look at ces, does it give you a glimpse of optimism? >> absolutely. first of all, welcome to las vegas. it's great to have you all here. it does. it does give us quite a bit of o optimism. >> i read an article that 80% of homes are under water in nevada. that's a lot of people not able to pay what is the most important bill you have. the most important thing you own. >> well, it's going to be awhile before we are able to recover from that. a lot of people came in, first time home buyers as well as investors. some came in in pursuit of the american dream, some looking to make quick money. we were
Jan 17, 2011 4:00pm EST
us a chance to show off our menu, and it's a great pce for people to ce and try everything. reporter: dar spenr, news4. >>> well, starbucks is helping coffee lovers get an even bger caffeine buzz. >> yeah, we're talking off the charts he. the world's largest coffee chain is rolling out a 31-ounce cup size. stbucks is naming it the trenta. the new size will only be available for cold drinks. the trentaakes its debut in 14 states thi week, includi virginia, and will be available nationwide by early may. >> for the really thirsty. >> yeah. >>> apple'seo steve jobs is taking his trd medical leave of absence in seven years. jobs sent an e-mail t staff today, sayg he asked the compy's board for a medical leave, to, quote, focus o my health. seven years ago, jobs left to battle pancreac cancer, and two years ago received aiver transplant. his numbe two will control day-to-day operations. analys are predicting apple's stk will take a hit when wall street opens tomorrow. >>> excessiveideo gaming cld take a negate toll on a child's mental health. researcher at iowa state university looked at m
Jan 7, 2011 6:00am EST
they have a better idea what there looking for in ce there are other packages outhere. one of the packages addressed to governor martin o'maly and had a row of holiday stamps on it. state mai workers will be briefed and givenictures of the packagesefore they go back to work today. they're being asked to be ext careful and look for similar mailings. >> reporter: two packages re open in maryland government buildings, producing an odor similar to striking a match. e material slightly burned the ngers of the government workers who opened them. >> there was an initial flash of fire and smoke and a smellhat emanated from that reaction. >> it is scary. it is scary to know a building you're working in has a bomb scare. as an intern i may be handng mail at some point. it's good to know everybody acted the way they did. >> all right. megan,hank you. >>> and things are all clear at dulles iernational airpo this morning aer a suspicious package closed part othe main terminal last night. the airport says a bomb-sniffg dog alerted on a piece of luggage shutting down baggage claim and ticke counters for
Jan 7, 2011 3:05am EST
to say i love abt you is that you were in -- [ laughter ] you were in -- when "sesame street" first ce out you were in one of the first test things -- they just releas a dvd and i saw -- >> burt lancaster and i were the first probab known people to participate. i did the letters, did i? >> jimmy: yeah. >> and burt did the numbers up to 10. anyway, i said to mr. robinson, who was o of the producers, holly robinson's dad. i said, you know, this is not going to worbecause the children will be rrified of those muppet characters. [ laughter ] lile did i know abt children or monsters. you know? >> jimmy: yeah, th love them. >> yeah. >> jimmy: thereou were on your one-eyed horse again going -- yeah. kids love theseuppets. i actually ve some footage of this and think actually i might be a little scad of this. >> one. two. [ laughter ] the. four. [ car beeps ] five. [ laughter ] [ car beeps ] six. seven. [ laughter ] eight. nine. ten. [ laughter ] cheers and applause ] >> jimmywhat happened at the end? what happed at the end there? >> speaki -- speaking of what terrifies children -- when i fell
Jan 25, 2011 6:00pm PST
problemas de las telenovelas. >>> si no le pagó todos nesteo años, un año más no nia ce la diferencia. >>> se tomó un gran paso, y me parece que es, envié mi prueba de adn. >>> ojalá sea así, los jueces determinarán. >>> cuando ellos, hay personas que tienen problemas legales. >>> haz un cursito de abogacia. >>> no tengo que hacerlo, pongo un punto como periodista que soy. el público quiere sabero si daniel es hijo de pablo. >>> lo importante es que da un paso que habíamos dicho, cuándo iría a costa rica, estuvo en comunicación con ella, y dijo que está todo listo, para que viaje y se haga la prueba de adn en costa rica. no me le mandaría una prueba, iría, y se presentaría como un varón que es, y cambió mucho por la muerte de su hermano, y tome esta decisión y se presente como un hombre. >>> cambiamos de tema, hablamos de la imagen que está en méxico. >>> señoras y señores, por fin , hay una fotogria fia, existe, danielito, el hijo menor de aracely arambula, y luis miguel , no lo sacaba, estaba muy hermetica, y la revista logró esta imagen, en una fiesta de cumpl
Jan 10, 2011 11:30pm PST
, volvemos contigo. >> muchas ces a fin martÍn. en instantes continuamos nuestra cobertura especial en arizona. tambiÉn le diremos cuantos aÑos pasada tras las rejas el que fuera uno de los hombres mÁs poderosos de estados unidos. mÁadelante, el delantero argentino del barcelona de espaÑa de costa a costa... y en todo el país, para detener a quienes no usan el cinturón de seguridad. abróchate el cinturón de seguridad siempre, de día y de noche, o serás multado. no importa quién seas o dónde vivas. ellos están alerta. la policía multa para salvar vidas. abrochado o multado. >> huyÓ del paÍs tras la emisiÓn de unos videos se recibÍa dinero en manos del ex asesor.. a cambio de la lÍnea editorial del canal que dirigÍa. capturado por la interpol fue extraditado y sentenciado a ocho aÑos de prisiÓn. el aÑo pasado alan garcÍa le dio un indulto por problemas de salud, pero una vez libre sus actividades demostraron que no estaba tan grave, entonces el indulto fue cancelado. >> cualquier noticia dicen que es una cortina de humo, al contrario, tiene que ver con la eficien
Jan 19, 2011 12:30am PST
? >> prosecutors in haste and thoma -- prosecutors in haiti ce jean-claude duvalier. the government is -- like the message is coming loud and clear to the street. the government is not good enough. the rallying cry is here. >> welcome to bbc news. coming up, staying under wraps. lessons between -- letters between tony blair and george bush will not be testified into the iraq war in korea. whiskey that has been buried in the south pole for more than 100 years. >> prosecutors in haiti have charged the former leader jean- claude duvalier for misappropriation of funds during his 15-year-old that ended in 1986. he is also known as baby doc. he was detained and charged. they have to decide if the case will go ahead. >> he is known as baby doc. jean-claude duvalier is no longer a young man. he is a reminder of a dark past. they wear occurs student accused of torturing political opponents urging they were accused of torturing political opponents. he may finally face justice. he has been formally charged with corruption comment that, and other crimes. it is a move that will be applauded by human-rights
Jan 25, 2011 6:00pm EST
congreso vidido, donde los republicanos mayoria. pizarro, nos ce que esperar, en esta cobertura especial... muy buenas tardes. el presidente obama dara su discurso sobre el estado de la nacion para enfocarse en la creacion de empleos, pero hablara ante 1 congreso que espera mostrar unidad tras lo ocurrido a la congresista gabrielle giffords. invitado por la primera dama, daniel hernandez el interno que le salvo la vida a la congresista giffords, esta triste porque ella no estara ahi. "yo tengo 1 personal con ella y no no mas es 1 pea con quien trabajo. es alguido que ella no esta alli, se que le biera 1 persona mutrabajadora. recuperando rapidamente. " "si efectivamente es mucha emocion, porque este es el estado del pante la pantalla de television. y esta vez por o presidente. obviamenay varios impedimentos alcrecimien pais, pero ninguno es factor mas grande que esta deuda nacional." la crudeza del inviern una buena parte dela costa este del pais y en menor grado en esta region estaria cont
Jan 9, 2011 8:00pm EST
do ve for. >> that brings us to doctor lamole. this patient ces in, a diinct entry wound, exit wound, this thugh-and-through injury. you go to work. tell me now, whatre the next steps yore looking for as you ok for signs to report progre to all of us while waiting for news about the congresswoman? >> really the most -- one of the most important facets in someone's care is their neurologic status before a surgery orintervention. i'm happy to say dr. rhee's team s able to tell me s was able to follow basic commands prior to surgery. that was very important. at that point we have a c.a.t. scan. we know where the damage is. we know ere we have to do our job. we set outn a methodical fashion dealing withhis kind injury. we have a series o step. we control the bleeding in th o.r. weake the pressure off the brain by removing a wdow of bone. then we debreed any ption of ain that isn't living. we didn't have to douch of that. we closer back up and get her to contl blood sugar or bod salt and keep tha secondary injury and bin swelling down to aminimum. gentlemen, we realize with what you've be
Jan 24, 2011 4:30am EST
you ry much for the update. still to ce, another important alert for beltway drivers in virginia. >> and arlington national cemetery, becausof what woo i being t up for auction. Ñq >> the tucsonshooter, jared loughner will be in court in izona. the case could take years because of a likely insan iity plea a the death penalty. >> the protest, the march for life ral will be at the national mall, and protesters will march over to the supreme court. >> it is steelers and packers foruper bowl xlv. the super bowl is two weeks from yesterday at cowboys stadium in arlington, texas. >> a beltway alert. ne construction begins on the wils bridge project? alexandria. the inner loop will close at 9: a.m. itill reopen at 3:00 monday through thursday, and at noon on iday. various lanes of95, telegraph road >>he massive oject kked off, metro wl install three new escalars, and a new canopy. one escalator will be out o service any given time. that means one escalator going up, one going down and a lot of walking. >> this morning a man hunt is underway for guan that shot and killed two people sit
Jan 4, 2011 11:00pm EST
testifiedhat murray did not appear to know proper cpr. two weeks of testimonys scheduled before the ce will be considered for trial. >>> a husband and wife looking forward to the birth of their son are now looking forward, but not happil to a court date. a guy named john cghlin was trying to get his wife to the hospital i new hampshire. he was really driving fast. she was in labo this happened back in september. he was going 102 miles an hour. the speed limit was 55. a state cop began to pull him over, then decidedo help. he escorted the couple to the hospital, but then h gave the father a ticket. >> he helped her out of the car. weent to the emergency room nurse's station. she gave birth and he said, congratulations, you he a son. the bad news is i'moing to have to see you in court. >> wow. baby kyle was born althy. mom angela was also fine. father says he ain't feeng so hot. t he says he would do it all over again if the circumstances were the same. he plans to go toourt and ght that ticket next week. >>> tre are some new concerns tonight in parts of australia th are cut off by flood
Jan 7, 2011 6:00pm PST
here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ femalenn xouncer ] geait ce@Ñsso the enti ñ aaxtax national wi-fi network for no extra charge. so for a limited time, get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services and a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >>> good evening, we have an update on the top story. a earthquake that rattled the south bay. >> there have been four small after shocks from 1.1 to 2.6. >> this struck at 4:10 this afternoon 13 miles east southeast of san jose city hall, and 11 miles north of. >> one man says he could feel it. >> i was into work and everybody felt it. >> were you scared?. >> well, a little bit scared. and you never know it's's the beginning a large one. the earthquakes began, you never know until it's over how big it's going to be. >> and saying there are no reports of damage or injury. >> and that did get our attention. >> unemployment in december fell to the lowest level in 19 month autos the number people w
Jan 6, 2011 5:00pm PST
, more features, lower prices. >> reporter: and no ces would be complete without celebrities. we talked to rapper 50 cent about his new line of sleek audio head phones. >> you see the public more conscious of how to listen to music. i see a guy with a camera and he has his head phones on. that means he wants to hear at this time best possible way and that was the best possible way prior to this project. >> lots of musicians. the tech industry is so hot, even the music industry wants to get involved. lots of these headphones are coming audio so good it's not just for the studio now, it's for all of us. lots of tablets. it looks like a phone but it's a small tablet. more at 6:00. and how about this? we talked a lot about 3-d tv and how expensive the glasses are and how some work with some models. this pair of 3-d glass will work with any television and in any my vie theater that shows 3-d. it starts at $30. we're seeing this technology come down in price and become consumer technology which is the theme. we'll have more to come at 6:00. right now, scott budman, bay area news. >> thank you
Jan 21, 2011 7:00pm EST
moves here. giffordss already being evaluated in t intensive ce unit where she could stay a week or more until the drain or shunt iner head is remov. doctors say she has some movement in her right lebut ne in her right m. she hasn't spoken yet but might be trying to form words. >> the eluation is quite mprehensive. we ask questions, we review records, we perfm examinations and see what the person can d cannot do. >> how do you feel? >>eporter: later gfords will be moved to the nearby rehab facility, a stayxpected to last four to six mons. no vip floor. ffords will stay in a standard ro like every othepatient, cared for by doctors and therapists who wl coordinate evything from musc work to art therapy. >> great rehabilitation potential,reat rehabilitation candate. she will keep us busy. we will keep herusy as well. >> reporter: doctors strive for a new normal for giffords, which may not include a complete recovery. it's a long, gruelinprocess. the results uncertain. with the progress she's madeo far, all agree gabby giffords is upor the challenge. and we learned giffords has just finished
Jan 15, 2011 9:00am EST
kn, i guess i'm the type of person that i'm so ed to taking ce of everybody else that i think i was really in shock that so many peopl stepped up and took care of me. >> reporter: washington spent a week in the hoital and hasn't been cleared bdoctors drive or turn to woodbrid high. doctors haveet to figure out what trigger his collapse. >> i have a cousin that lives in maryland, he's aeteorologist. he came to theospital visit and said don't lk for an explanation, this is just one of those miracles. and i'm just accting that as so. >> repter: jane watrel, news 4, tod. >>ooking pretty good. >>> it may be more difficult for a lot of mro ride towerset around toda the transitgency doing major repi repairs this holiday weekend. that meansdelay. derrick ward is at a met ation. >> reporter: we're at foggy bottom. there's a lot going on here at the station today even tugh the station is, indeed, close today. we want to show you a map of the metro service disruptions. onhe blue and orange lines there are -- no service between rosslyn and farragut west stations. the foggyottom station is c
Jan 22, 2011 3:05am EST
: wow. >> jimmy: that's right. it's so cuteright? [ eers and applause ] it's so ce. they know each other so well, they praically forget each other's seences. [ light laughter ] it's so cute. did you seehere's a man in south carolina who was forced to remove a swman's genitals after his neigors complained. [ laughter ] oh man, "snowball ght!" [ laughter ] there it is. all the kids are yelling it. "snowball fight." >> steve: "don't touch that carrot." [ laughter and ohs ] ♪ made out of coal >> jimmy: parson brown? >> steve: ah. >> jimmy: get this, a man in rocco broke a guness world record by breaking50 bricks on his head. the guy was per-excited until he found t that the previs record was seven bricks. [ laughter ] "why didn't you tell me, man?" "y were in the zone." [ light laughter ] this is weird. i read that a new realy show is in the works, based on the deo game "pac man." that's rig. a "pac man" reality show. i just hope it's better than the other show, "donkey kong's banana of lo." [ laughter ] that s -- and finally, i don't knoif you saw this. the spiderman musicahas pushed back
FOX News
Jan 15, 2011 10:30am EST
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Jan 19, 2011 6:00pm PST
le voy a preguntar sobar ce lee que dijo de daily fuentes luis miguel, eso más adelante pero mientras llega compadre a un jale rivera cono enfermo có vienen más hijos. >> así es, la primera dama del estado de méxico está lista para cumplir estas funciones, y esta la primera que quiere cumplir es darle más hijos al gobernador, lo vimos salndo de una clínica de foertilización. >>> tal comparece el nido va a kregz crecer porque quiere darle un hijo a enrique peña nieto, ella no lo niega. >> emocionada. gracias. >> eso sí la gaviota tiene muy bien entrenada a sus hermanos y si no vean como una de ellas cuida como oro a sofía. >> muy bien gracias. >> muy contenta y orgullosa de mi mamá, muy contenta. >> pero qué opinan los roños de la familia persona nieta rivera de la idea de tener un hermano en casa?. >> pues sí. >> lo que sea, lo que sea, creo que niño. >> hace falta no. >> (ríen). >> entonces creo que va a ser lo mismo, uno más y entonces creo que vamos a estar más contentos. >> hablaron con ustedes?. >> hablaron con ustedes?. >> no hemos hablado nada. >> bueno graci
Jan 19, 2011 6:30pm PST
niño se había partido un brazo, a ce araceli tenía una actitud y ahora no. >> y no me parece que haya tenido la valentía decired necesito a un al padre. >> en la cena en su casa se pueden pelear. >> cuestiones de mensajes directos o indirectamente está tratando de llamar la atención de luis miguel es todo el meollomeollo del asunto. >> y lo que siente no es lo que vas a decir, no estoy seguro que sea laealidad ade araceli. le debe doler. por se ve que ella iba a conquistar a luis miguel. >> pero en su monumental vez los dos pensaron que iba a ser para toda la vida. >> se le hacia a luis miguel y ella, él decía que no es el te ha dicho que mo tengo una familia, en su momento pensaron que iban a ser el uno para el otro, y me parece muy bien que araceli cuente la realidad de luis miguel que todas lastras mujeres no han querido contar. >> tu lo dijiste. >> miren vamos a ver ahora la trefgs ta que el periodista carlos le hizo al j. j. esta muy buena y allí el mismo responde si fue él quién leisparó a cabo sna cabañas esa noche. >> presten atención. >> cuando le pega un codazo, l
Jan 20, 2011 5:00pm PST
in chocolate. ready to eat sweet moments. find them in the refrigerated section. kkkkkkkkkk ce. taking complaints of napa state hospital workers to sacramento. and then after 6:30 the identical twin sisters on a mission to serve this country though they're not citizens here. it's coming up tonight at 6:00. >> and san francisco zoo show off its newest member of the family today. >> this infant born just before christmas weighing in at around three pounds. and they can grow up to seven feet long weighing up to 140 pounds. >> i think it's riding on top there. both are doing well z will spend next few months in the front yard. >> they do not know the gender of the
Jan 5, 2011 7:00pm PST
aesthetics. >> translator: we're working to make products more appealing to young people. we're trying to ce up with cute designs. >> reporter: the company also makes useful household products. this is a humidifier. >> translator: this thin shaving is a by-product of carvingmasu. and this water basin is made from the same technique. togeer the me a humidifier. >> reporter: water is poured into the basin. the sls are inserted into the groove. they naturally soak up the water. as the wood gets wet, the scent of cedar wafts through the room. another product is used for measuring. you can measure different ingredients to make bread rolls. just knead the dough, stick it in the oven, and you're done. the company developed them as a new way for people to use masu in their kitchen. ohashi also offers classes on how to make masu. many people have heard about their beauty. >> translator: it's so pretty. i can't believe i made it. >> translator: we have to promote our products so that people will use them in their everyday lives. we are hoping to take on new challenges. >> reporter: masu have been made
Jan 22, 2011 10:00pm PST
former president bill ce obama and joe biden, washington's elite celebrateded him. >> the love, energy and optimism, he helped so many for so long. >> oprah paid her respects to hd his famous family. >> perhaps his greatest achievet was showing us in our family how to show up in other people's lives. >> he helps his broernl start te core as its director and instrumental in finding the social service program and legal services for the poor. >> my dad's greatest gift was te made every single person feel like they count ed counted it was his grandchildren that brought the most personal stories as one by one they remembered the man known to world as sarge. >> thanks for the love of baseb. >> he died this week at 95 years old after suffering from alzheimers. his final resting place is next to his late wife. >> president obama will deliver his state of the union address on tuesday, and today he released what he will talk about, and job creation is high on the list. >> we have millions of our fells who are out there struggling every day. don't have a job, or haven't seen a raise in a long tim
Dec 31, 2010 5:00pm PST
's eve and new year's day forecastrihe'sgh ce ri bagh. >>> if your main new year's resolution is to lose weight, join the club. we go to the experts for advice to help you achieve your goals in 2011. >> reporter: many of us plan to log more time here at the gym in 2011 in an effort to achieve one of the most common new year's resolutions. >> my main resolution would be to lose weight. >> reporter: a resolution marcia has made -- >> hundreds of times. >> reporter: what can we do differently in 2011 to finally succeed? we went to the experts for help. >> the first few months of starting a new routine are the most crucial few months because that's when you're not going to see changes that you really, really want. if you can just get past that third month, that's when you will see changes happen. >> reporter: in addition to perseverance, establish a plan. start slowly so you don't burn out and be realistic. if you are a morning person, don't commit to an exercise routine at night and find a sports class or workout you enjoy. these brothers like racket ball and then there's the other piece of
Jan 6, 2011 11:00pm PST
prices. >> reporter: no ces would be complete without celebrities. we talked to rapper 50 cent about his new line of sleek audio headphones. >> i'm more conscious of how to listen to music. the guy with the camera has headphones on. he wants to hear it the best possible way. that was prior to this project. >> reporter: the tech industry is so hot musicians want to get involved. all about the tablet. all about 3-d. tomorrow we check in with robots, the latest in home cleaning. that is coming up tomorrow night. now from the consumer electronics show in las vegas, scott budman. >> i'm down with those cleaning robots. >>> plenty of reason for pet owners to worry. >> i'm concerned bauds pets are unpredictable creatures. >> what is advertised as a safe way to have your dog or cat's teeth cleaned is against the law. why some are still doing it. >>> first politics. now pg&e? the tea party setting its sites on the california power giant and could wind up saving you a lot of money. >>> i'm jeff ranieri. plenty of fog continuing to form and cold temperatures. mid to upper 30s from the east bay to t
Jan 8, 2011 11:00pm PST
yesterday. did the team respond? highlights of the sharks and preds next.ce [ male announcer ] when sean was looking at mba programs, he wanted a curriculum designed to meet market needs, with faculty who brought real-world perspective on where the business world was headed and the practical experience to help him make aimpact. my name is sean blankenship, i'm making the electric car more accessible, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] imagine what a business degree can do for you. with six bay area locations, one is closer than you think. wo you look great! thanks! it's this new wish yourself thin pgram. i just wish it and it happens. it's probably those fiber one bars you're eating. i know they help me stick to my diet. the bars are 90 calories and the fiber helps you feel full. 90 calories and high fiber. so that's why this diet thing is working. but it's weird because my wish for lorenzo came true. [ male announcer ] fiber one 90 calorie bars. hungry no. results yes. >>> the niners named jim harbaugh their new head coach yesterday. now what? he says he will start contacting his pl
Jan 14, 2011 11:00pm PST
.---la ce . >>> hoy se dio el último adiós a juicio que perdió la vida en arizona, en el que vivir carne los mente de todas las personas, que a situación tierno al lugar. >>> el sábado pasado el juez con casi 40 año de servicio, paró frente el supermercado para saludar a la congresista. >>> el médic a cargo de la congresista gabrielle gifford anuncio que mñdicos están optimista el doctor dijo que esta abriendo los ojo y esta realizando movimiento más complejos esta conectada a un respiradoes que podría ser quitado maana. >>> se sabe que tienen 30 año su captura fue en parte por testigos lo hechos ocurrieron en el cafñ ubicado en el número 999 de la calle (...) la víctima fatal, terry de 29 años. >>> varias sustancia química que están en diferente productos, de uso normal, podrían tener un efecto no nocivo en la mujeres embarazada que presentan cierta concentración de sustancia química en el organismo. >>> como alto riesgos de cáncer, proble re proct tivo, tras resultado esperan que el gobierno tome medida más firme para regular la sustancias química en... alimentar al b
Jan 26, 2011 6:00pm PST
condición panorama todavía alcanzado desde los 46 hasta 50 ° amigos de palo alto temo ce cana a 47. >>> madrugada 45 ° esta noche nublado ligero, cielos despejado pero la temperatura seguirá alcanzado 44 ° fin de semana si tienen planes e 60 el domingo, san jos tambié con temperatura 66 hasta 61 fin de semana bueno hay que aprovechar, le voy a tener más detalles esta noche solo a las 11. >>> gracias un millón 700 mil vehículos toyota tienen que ser mandados al taller por una falla que podría desatar filtraciónes de combustible. >>> nadie se salva de llevarse una sorpresa en el mundo digital, en univisión 14. com le contamos que pusieron en la página de amigos de mark fundador de facebook. >>> le ja quiero la página al mero mero qu tal. >>> vamos con deportes. >>> más adelante koun mano barça tienen un pi y medio en la final de la copa del rey, le vamos a tener más detalles al volver. >>> noticias univisión 14 es presentada por defensores . >>> tú no eres americanista, pero seguidores de la águila volviera a quedarse sin entrenador. >>> aquí estamos con más detal
Jan 8, 2011 5:00am EST
not be writing off ces. >> the consumers electronics show. >> yes. technology is changing not only the media business, but health care. there's an enormous innovation in health care. technology is the key to grow in this country. >> you need a middle class with purchasing power. >> absolutely. >> oh, my. there's the guy -- okay, let me ask you this. >> a million people are joining the ranks of the middle class outside the country. u.s. has to sell those peoples. the numbers do not add up, 1.3 billion in china, 1.4 in india. >> who was the guy who created the idea of -- >> now, the president hurt him. heard him. the president has given in the bush tax cuts for the risch. he's taken in billy daley. that's it. have a nice weekend, david, maria. >>> when we return, the debate over citizenship. should you be an american just because you're born in america? it used to be that. steve king of iowa says change it. he has introduced a bill that says you're no longer an american just because you were born an american. we go to "hardball" from vegas on msnbc. moisturizing lotion. only aveeno has an acti
Jan 9, 2011 7:00am EST
now with a severe digital divide? some people in, some people not. >> i would not be writing off c.e.s. this is where the innovation is. if there's one thing we need to protect in this country is innovation. >> this is the future. >> technology is changing, not only in the media business, but health care. there's an enormous amount of innovation happening in business, technology is the key to grow in this country. >> you need a middle class with purchasing power. >> absolutely. >> there's a guy pushing -- let me ask you this. >> a billion people are joining the ranks of the of the middle class, outside of the country. u.s. companies have to sell to those people. the numbers do not add up. a billion one in china, a billion one in india. >> who is the guy yelling -- >> santelli. he ad-libbed one day, mr. obama, are you listening. >> the president heard him. >> so since he lost the election in november, the president has given in on the bush tax cuts for the rich, he's picked billy daly, the smart daly out of all of them. up next we're in nevada and one of the biggest news out here is ill
Jan 11, 2011 6:30pm PST
telemundo news nuestra página de ce bfacebook, y noticias telemundo. y toda la formacióde telemundo.m/noticias. y gracias por dejarme ser pte de su día. me dpido por ahora desde tucson aron quédense c nosotros en telemundo. notros tenemos y mostram nuestro compromisoe estar a su lado con todas las historias de importancia para nuestra comunida gracias.
Jan 23, 2011 12:30pm PST
make a promise, you keep a promise. the republicans ran on repeal of health-ce anthey intend to do it. they cannot do it now, but they are setting a marker to make it an essential issue in the 2012 campaign. that is why it had to be done. >> nina? >> well, they did have to do it, although i don't think they want to do it, because if they get rid of this bill, they get rid of things that people like. >> colby? >> it was a cosmetic move, achieved the goal of playing to base. the more important step will come next monday pick the bill apart in piscivorous ways. there will be an interesting and important debate. >> mark? >> next up is outlawing and double parking and chatting during movie theater figures. they kept their word. now we will see what they want to talk about legislating. >> where does it go? >> you obviously have not seen the republican plan. the burdens imposed upon anybody, and no new taxes. brilliant plan, a comprehensive, just has not been eated. i can tell you any element that will be part of the republican plans, and there will be a republican plan -- tort reform, aboli
Jan 13, 2011 6:30pm PST
to tablets in theaters, which are rapidly upstaging the standard pc. apple is not at the ces. the sheer number of mobile gadgets powered by google's android sure that the iphone is no longer the only name in town. for more, let's go to our dw-tv correspondent on wall street. the investors expect anything big to come out of las vegas? >> well, it would be needed. the market is a little lame here on thursday, and consumer electronic part of the u.s. economy is still one of the most innovative in the world. so far if we look at the electronics show that started with the keynote speech from the microsoft ceo, it was a little lame, at least that is what i am hearing. technology shares are having trouble gaining traction here on thursday. the show just started, so there's still time left to get investors excited. >> there were some retail figures that came out over this past christmas. how do they look? >> we talked so much over the past couple of weeks about how great the holiday season wind, but obviously, especially the business after christmas when the snow storm, for december, hit the no
Jan 23, 2011 2:30am PST
the misconceptions. the crimes we cover, the stories we cover, and the reality$ victimization of) folks in ce has created this -- it is business in white woman, missing white child baby syndrome. that is what we talk about. on the other side, you have the so-called war on drugs. the rockefeller drug law has been a big conversation, but not in the news media, only in the criminal justice circle. we all know who is behind bars but the american, does not really seem to know who is really behind bars and why they are there and whether they really belong there. gary is right, -- jerry is right, we use the criminal justice system as a social service center for problems that need to be addressed in other ways. [applause] i think that if people were told by the folks in my business that this is not an economically efficient way to do things, they might come around to doing things another way. but there are too many people interested in doing it the way that we did -- a way that we do it to get there. people in my business are not necessarily familiar enough with the criminal justice system to understand
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